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Picture of Luciana Stiglich, Medicine Woman.


Trauma Healing

Thirteen years of experience in the corporate world leading international businesses, where I learned about negotiation and conflict resolution; and over fifteen years in the health and wellness field –through my 1:1 and group work with patients, by coaching clients, as a meditation teacher, a speaker, a newspaper columnist, a radio and podcast producer and host– have taught me about the human unconscious dynamics and the ways in which we relate with our surroundings, offering me an opportunity to develop a unique awareness of trauma and its symptoms, as well as a broad understanding of health and well-being.

Graduated in India as a Bachelor of Alternative System of Medicines, my studies and expertise cover comparative studies of Homœopathy, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda, Dietetics and Nutrition, Psychotherapy and Counseling, and Sound Healing. Focused on wellness, I continued my education with a Diploma in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy and a Practitioner certification in Neurolinguistic Programming in Peru; followed by a certification as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach in the United States, with studies on Emotional Eating Psychology. I also studied with several teachers of energy psychology treatments, and spent two years with the indigenous Q'ero community in the Andes, learning about ancestral wisdom and spirituality.

To hold a safe space for you to heal trauma, build a meaningful therapeutic relationship, and support your ongoing personal transformation, I currently work in my private practice both 1:1 and with groups, online and at the wellness retreats I host in Sacred Valley.


My upcoming projects include continuing my education by becoming a UK Certified Homœopath; completing my 5-year training in Emergency Pedagogy to support children victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts in alleviating the consequences of traumatic experiences, and writing a saga with the story on how I became a Ñusta initiated in the Q'ero Inca tradition including the importance of cultivating spirituality to experience a healthy life.

Alternative System of Medicines & Wellness

My Partners

Juliet Rose
Virtual Healthcare
London, UK

Transform the fear, suffering, and illness associated with trauma, into a journey of empowerment, freedom, and gratitude.

Your health is much more than the treatment of a disease. Your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions and feelings, what you choose to do or not do, impacts your health and your ability to heal.

By working with me, you will consciously embark on a unique journey within, where you will discover the positive intention of your symptoms while walking the path of self-empowerment and self-love, which will allow you to modify behaviors and adopt healthy choices through a deep personal transformation, so you can live a healthy, happy, abundant life.

I believe health is an art that you can develop if you understand that you have a vital energy that animates your body and you remember how to step back inside and listen to its wisdom.


By integrating my understanding of health as an art as well as a science, and trauma from a multidimensional perspective, I will hold space for you to safely and consciously experience your trauma healing journey.

With this work, I hope to reduce suffering in the world, one person at a time.

If you want to know more about my work and how I can guide and support you in your trauma healing journey, you can find me on social media as @lucianastiglich, read my blogbook an Initial Assessment to define your starting point, or keep reading to learn more about my online services and retreats.

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In the same way a plant is designed to weather all storms, so is your body. As with every living being, inside your-Self are all the resources you need to heal trauma and its symptoms, learn from your experiences, and lead a healthy, happy, abundant life.


Your Spirit within articulates all your experiences, offering you countless opportunities to grow, even in times of change: this is why you know, deep down, all is well.

Is there a particular challenge you’re dealing with? I will guide you through confusion, suffering, and sickness, towards your own inner wisdom and overall wellbeing.



Private Practice, Lima

Calle Camino Real, San Isidro

Lima 15073, Perú

Healing Retreat Center, Cusco

Sacred Valley,

Cusco 08661, Perú

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