Ancestral Healing

illuminating the shadows in your family karma

Our ancestors are more connected to us than we may think, and they play an important role in what we are handed down from our family members.

For most of us, many of our ancestors encountered hardships an emotional trauma that never got resolved before they died and as a result were passed down from generation to generation; these patterns can often feel like a curse that was handed to us, which has been hard to get rid of.

From a spiritual standpoint, any unresolved trauma in our ancestral family line creates energetic patterns that in turn create roadblocks and patters in our lives today, often times stopping our connection to joy, abundance, our own authentic power, and understanding of why we are here.

Because not only can we help lift and heal trauma from the past, Ancestral Healing also helps in healing the energy and patterns that are coming down for our children, and that is a very brave, transformative position to take.

How do you know if you need Ancestral Healing?

Many of us already have a feeling, may suspect, or can even pinpoint certain patterns, issues, and concerns that have been handed down through our family line, often for generations.

  • You don´t feel like you belong in your family, or have always carried a feeling of disconnection.

  • Your family often tells stories of how the family is "cursed", or how all the men in the family die young, or all women are alcoholic, etc.

  • You are seeing patterns that are extremely obvious running down in your family line and affecting your life.

  • You feel the burden of those who came before you.

  • You feel that you are not sure about things that keep coming up, regardless of how much personal work you do.

  • You have a feeling of being stuck or lost in your life.

By working with Luciana, you will learn to identify the 7 Shadows in your family or soul cluster, causing these doubts and emotions in you, and give the first steps towards healing those handed to you for resolution.

This is clearly a time when we all need to go deeper into healing that which hinders our path and prevents us from sharing the traits we brought forth, sometimes blocked due to family karma, to be able to contribute with the collective and all living beings.

It is in healing ourselves and our family stories that we will be able to help heal one another and Mother Earth.

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