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Ancestral Trauma Healing

~ Transcend family drama

As a Bachelor in Alternative Systems of Medicines I have studied the systems, strategies, and skills of several theories of psychotherapy and counseling. As a Diplomaed in Logotherapy and Existential Analysis, I have been exposed to the importance of freedom of choice and the search for meaning in life as a primary motivational force. As a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, I was offered a systemic understanding of how belief systems are built while being exposed to the Ericksonian hypnotic language. As an Emergency Pedagogist in training, I understand trauma from an Antroposophic perspective. Aware of how the subconscious family dynamics affect your reality when at play, I create a safe environment where you can explore your personal story and bring light to your family's shadows, so you can feel free to follow your intuition and exercise the power of your will to create the life you long for.

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My story

Having been witness to the shadows in my own family's story and how these have been repeating from generation to generation, on both the male and the female sides of my family, I was keen to understand how family dynamics affect our belief system and freedom of choice.


Following my natural curiosity, in 2012 I graduated as a Neurolinguistic Programming Practitioner, where I developed a systemic understanding of belief systems along with knowledge of Ericksonian hypnosis, while exploring the connection between neurological processes, language, and behavioral patterns learned through experience, and how these can be changed to achieve a desired state and specific goals in life.


Continuing my education, in 2017 I graduated from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines, where I explored an innovative look at emerging and well-established counseling theories as well as the systems, strategies, and skills of the major psychotherapy theories. There, I learned about the goals for counseling and psychotherapy that are to be considered in terms of objectives to each patient, including supportive listening, problem management, modifying poor skills that sustain a repetitive problem, and bringing about a changed philosophy of life.

This education has equipped me with a perspective of people not as simply passive victims of circumstances or their family's history, but beings capable of understanding and changing their situation to reflect who they are beyond these beliefs.

I then studied with the indigenous Q'ero tribe in the Andes, who taught me about the importance of living in harmony with our mind, emotions, and will, to be able to live in harmony with our family, environment, and our planet.

I continued my education by studying four years of Emergency Pedagogy, to support children victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts in alleviating the consequences of traumatic experiences. Currently under certification process, I also believe working with our wounded inner child can help alleviate transgenerational trauma.

As part of my personal process of understanding, I then studied Hublr's Collective Trauma Integration Process, which promotes self exploration of sharing and reflection while supporting radical openness, transparent communication, mindful awareness, and refined relational competences.

In my practice, I integrate my experience and these studies to create a safe space, so you can bring light to the shadows that result in traumatic experiences in your family, free yourself from outworn beliefs, and exercise your freedom of will.

My approach

Our ancestors are more connected to us than we may think, and they play an important role in what we are handed down from our family members.

For most of us, many of our ancestors encountered hardships an emotional trauma that never got resolved before they died and as a result reside in our individual and collective fields. These get passed down from generation to generation until eventually they get re-triggered and trauma symptoms reemerge, looking for resolution; these patterns can often feel like a curse that was handed to us, which has been hard to get rid of.

From a spiritual standpoint, any unresolved trauma in our ancestral family line creates energetic patterns that in turn create roadblocks and patterns in our lives today, oftentimes stopping our connection to joy, abundance, our own authentic power, and understanding of why we are here.

This is especially relevant now because often the causes of trauma in the present reside in our past: underlying many of the collective traumas we are currently experiencing is an element of ancestral trauma that has been reactivated —we see this with wars and conflicts; the refugee crisis; mass shootings; and our response to the climate crisis.

Because not only can we help lift and heal trauma from the past, Ancestral Trauma Healing also helps in healing the energy and patterns that are coming down for our children, and that is a very brave, transformative position to take.

As we work together, we’ll start to see that when we go back far enough, all of our lineages connect, and the trauma we carry with us is shared. In this work, we will come together to identify, face, process, and integrate trauma, so that it can be acknowledged, understood, and integrated in our family lineage, communities, and in the world.

Illuminating the shadows in your family karma

How do you know if you need Ancestral Trauma Healing?

Many of us already have a feeling, may suspect, or can even pinpoint certain patterns, issues, and concerns that have been handed down through our family line, often for generations.

• You don´t feel like you belong in your family, or have always carried a feeling of disconnection.

• Your family often tells stories of how the family is "cursed", or how all the men in the family die young, or all women are alcoholic, etc.

• You are seeing patterns that are extremely obvious running down in your family line and affecting your life.

• You feel the burden of those who came before you.

• You feel that you are not sure about things that keep coming up, regardless of how much personal work you do.

• You have a feeling of being stuck or lost in your life.

By working together, you will explore questions like:

  • How do you attune to and feel your past?

  • What ancestral patterns are you compulsively repeating, perhaps without being aware that you are doing so?

  • Where are ancestral traumas held in your nervous system?

You will also learn to identify the 7 Shadows in your family or soul cluster, causing these doubts and emotions in you, and give the first steps towards healing those handed to you for resolution.

During this Ancestral Trauma Healing program, you will develop the capacity to resolve the unfinished business from your ancestral lineage so that you don’t pass the burden onto the next generation. This will allow you and those who come after you to consciously create the future you want to live in, with fewer constraints and more possibilities.

This is clearly a time when we all need to go deeper into healing that which hinders our path and prevents us from sharing the traits we brought forth, sometimes blocked due to family karma, to be able to contribute with the collective and all living beings.

It is in healing ourselves and our family stories that we will be able to help heal one another and Mother Earth.


When was the last time you opened space for your family's story?

The nature of Ancestral Trauma calls us to work in groups, where a collective strength emerges and acts as a powerful accelerator for healing and growth, providing the opportunity to activate deep healing at the deepest levels of our being.

In this program, the individual and the collective work together and support each other to magnify what we can do individually.

Sit with me to remember how you can bring light to your family's shadows to feel the freedom of choice you are entitled to. 

If you are ready to transcend your family's story, let's talk! Apply for an Initial Assessment with me today.

Program duration: 12 sessions

Language: English or Spanish

Modalities: Group Healing

Sessions: Virtual - Online / In presence - Sacred Valley Retreats


Suggestion: to have done at least 1 Soul Trauma Healing treatment prior to attending this program.


If we are already working together, go here to join my online community Ancestral Trauma Healing Circle!

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