Circle of Love

activating a chain of donations to help those in need during Covid-19

Many people all over the world have been writing to Luciana asking for help.

Through all her social media platforms, people have been asking her for healing and guidance processing the pandemic effects. Unable to afford treatment, people are falling into collective hysteria, starting to show PTSD symptoms, and dealing with the pain in loss all by themselves with no one to turn to.

Maybe the saddest thing is that many, unable to reach for help, are starting to loose faith in themselves, in the beauty of life, in something greater that loves and supports us all, even when we think we are alone and at our worst.

Mankind is going through a collective evolution process which can be a huge growth opportunity for our souls, but without proper guidance many people are failing to see this, falling into despair and sorrow.

This is why Luciana wants to give priority to those suffering the most, by setting a Circle of Love - Chain of donations, to put together the funds some have to give, with treatment some need to receive. 

You can donate in several ways:

1. You can review her services and donate according to which service and how many sessions would you like someone to receive.

2. You can donate any amount and let us allocate it to someone in the waiting list, according to their reason for consultation.

3. You can choose to sponsor someone for a period of time, from one to six month treatment.

Luciana will meet you with a 12% discount for all services being donated to the Circle of Love.

Once the donation has been allocated, you will receive a message with the name and service the person is receiving from you, along with a little gratitude note from them.

You can also choose to donate anonymously in which case we will elevate the gratitude note to the ethers for your highest good during a session.

Remember: It is in giving that you shall receive.

Donate now: