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Ancestral Trauma Healing Retreat

July 27th - Aug 2nd, 2024.

Illuminating the shadows in your family lineage.

Why Heal
Ancestral Trauma?

You are a link in a chain of causation that stretches before and after you for several generations.

In the same way you may have encountered hardship and emotional challenges including traumatic experiences, those who came before you may have encountered similar challenges.

When their trauma didn’t get resolved –faced, processed, integrated, and healed– before they passed, it was archived in your individual and collective fields.

This trauma gets handled from generation to generation, many times unknowingly –hence the name "shadow"– in search for resolution.

This is how, in the same way traditions, heirlooms, hair color, and secret family recipes were passed down through your family to you, you may have also inherited trauma.

Generational trauma –known as intergenerational, transgenerational, or ancestral trauma– is a cycle of trauma that passes through families.

It occurs through biological, environmental, psychological, and social means.

Epigenetic changes or shifts in a person's DNA due to a traumatic experience also cause ancestral trauma.

Ancestral trauma happens when a group experiences a traumatic event that causes economic, cultural, and familial distress.

In response, people belonging to that group develop and pass on physical or psychological symptoms like:

* Anxiety

* Depression

* Heart disease

* Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Subsequent generations may inherit trauma and the associated health conditions through factors like discrimination and prejudice.

When we work on bringing light to the shadows in our family's lineage, everyone feels safer and with more freedom to do what each came to do.

In this Ancestral Trauma Healing Retreat you will explore which of the 7 shadows run through your family, which you may have inherited, and use meditation, chi kung, yin yoga, dreamwork, sound healing, Q'ero indigenous ceremony, and other exercises to help find the way to stand whole in your family system.


with Luciana Stiglich, BASM, INHC.

As a Bachelor in Alternative System of Medicines (India), an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (US), an NLP Practitioner and a Ñusta in the Q'ero indigenous tribe (Peru), I have created Soul Trauma Healing® as a healing approach to individual trauma and Ancestral Trauma Healing® as a healing approach to transgenerational and collective trauma.

With a strong corporate background, I have spent 16+ years integrating healing modalities from around the world to guide and support individuals and groups both online and in my retreats in Sacred Valley, Cusco.

I Am here for you because this is your time to heal. Are you ready?

In this immersive experience we will cover:

2023 ~ Save these dates:

September 19th

Untitled design-17.png

* Meet and Greet

* Group Meditation Session

* Introduction to Trauma Healing

* Ancestral Trauma Healing Workshop - Session # 1

* Yin Yoga Session

* Light Healthy Dinner

* Movie night

September 20th

* Yin Yoga Session

* Group Meditation Session

* Breakfast Buffet

* Ancestral Trauma Healing Workshop - Session # 2

* Healthy Lunch

* Group Meditation Session

* Ancestral Trauma Healing Workshop - Session # 3

* Assertive Dialogue Circle

* Healthy Dinner

Untitled design-17.png

September 21st

Untitled design-17.png

* Short Group Meditation Session

* Breakfast to go

* Spiritual Journey to Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu - Full Day

* Lunch Menu

* Healthy Dinner

September 22nd

* Chi Kung Session

* Group Meditation Session

* Breakfast Buffet

* Ancestral Trauma Healing Workshop - Session # 4

* Blindfolded Walking Session

* Healthy Lunch

* Group Meditation Session

* Ancestral Trauma Healing Workshop - Session # 5

* Dreamwork Session

* Healthy Dinner

Untitled design-17.png

September 23rd

Untitled design-17.png

* Chi Kung Session

* Group Meditation Session

* Breakfast Buffet

* Ancestral Trauma Healing Workshop - Session 6

* Cleansing Fire Ceremony

* Healthy Lunch

* Assertive Dialogue Circle

* Sound Healing Session

* Closing Ceremony - Q'ero Despacho

Meet my team:

Each with a strong background in spirituality, health, and well-being, we are committed to support you in your Ancestral Trauma Healing Journey.

Additional Services

If you would like to book additional services, you can do so when making your retreat reservation. These sessions are offered in between or after group activities scheduled for the retreat.


Theta Healing


with Daniel

60 minutes


Power Animal

Retrieval Session

with Luciana or Daniel

45 minutes

Untitled design-18.png

with Luciana

120 minutes


Thai Massage


with Rodrigo

60 minutes

Untitled design-17.png

Ucha Clearing

Energy Session

with Eduardo

60 minutes




I want to join the Ancestral Trauma Healing retreat, save my seat!

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In the meantime, you will receive a message welcoming you to my Personal Missives, I hope you enjoy the read.

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