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Emotional Trauma Healing

~ allow pain to show you the way.

As a Bachelor in Alternative Systems of Medicines, a Diplomaed in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy, and a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner with more than 16 years of experience working with mineral and flower essences and energy psychology healing, in this program I support and guide you through an inward journey to identify and explore your emotional wounds, so you can find the best ways to release the blocked emotions that might be creating an imbalance in your life, hindering the expression of your full potential.

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My Story

Since I can remember, I care; this is why I've noticed how the way we feel influences our sense of security, the trust we have both in ourselves and in life, and our ability to make our dreams come true. Words like self-care and self-compassion, respect and validation, forgiveness and love, have always been at the top of my mind when dealing with reality.


Maybe this is why one of the reasons I chose to become a Bachelor in Alternative Systems of Medicines was because of its rigorous focus on psychotherapy and counseling and the life areas to be assessed during each treatment. There, I learned an innovative look at emerging and well-established counseling theories as well as the systems, strategies, and skills of the major psychotherapy theories, many of which help in dealing with our unique emotional worlds.

In my private practice, I integrate this education and my experience of more than 16 years working with flower essences, developing mineral essences, a vast array of energy psychology healing techniques, and focusing on emotions and their effects on health and wellbeing, to guide you through stress, anxiety, sadness, loneliness, anger, guilt, and the loss of hope you may be experiencing as part of your inner healing process.


My approach

Forgetting who you are creates thoughts and actions that lead to an unhealthy lifestyle and eventually to illness. The illness itself is a direct message that tells you not only how is it that you are in imbalance but also shows you the steps that will take you back to your real Self in integral health. This information is specific to you and can be used as a compass in life to help you determine what is best for you, what makes you happy.

In this program, unbalance and illness are understood as a lesson you have given your-Self to help you remember who you are. This statement includes the understanding of you as a unique part of a whole and therefore the whole.

Humanity carries with it deep pain, loneliness, and a deep longing to be free. In this program, based on universal love, we will reach into these painful areas of the soul and gently reawaken hope while facing, processing, and uplifting deeply seated emotions that may be hindering your experience of happiness and the expression of your full potential.

It is a part of your mission to heal.

Some of the stages we will walk through, together, during my Emotional Trauma Healing program, are:

1. Suffering - instead of denying and dishonoring your painful emotions, I will hold safe space for you to be present with your pain, feel the rhythm of your emotions, surrender to suffering, and let it show you the way back to the experience of wholeness.

2. Awareness - you will be able to name what you feel, how you feel it, and why you feel a particular emotion. Once you know your emotions, it will be easier for you to approach, accept, and tolerate how you feel. This is an action-based stage, where understanding your painful emotions helps you heal your wounds deep within. When you know what your emotions are telling you, you are better equipped to cope with them.

3. Confrontation - by facing your emotional pain and the blockages it has created, you can confront the emotional situation you were avoiding. The more honest you are with yourself, the easier it is to identify your emotional triggers and cope with them.

4. Expression - sometimes, after confronting emotions, some people tend to avoid them. Instead of holding onto your emotions and letting them linger in your physical body for too long, which may lead to mental exhaustion and withdrawal, in this stage you are offered the opportunity to honor your pain by expressing it through experiencing your emotions.

5. Acceptance - in this stage, you may feel somehow numb about the difficult situation you experienced. As you accept your undesirable emotions, you are able to master them. When the pain leaves your body, it no longer feels overwhelming or tries to rule your present thoughts and feelings. This is where growth occurs, leading to emotional maturity. Old habits break off and you are ready to accept the change.

Emotional Trauma Healing shows you a new life within your reach, filled with potential and opportunity, hope and optimism, a life where you can choose to experience health and happiness.

Emotional Trauma Healing Program

Do you feel broken, wounded, or hurt? Do you feel anxious, stressed-out, and anguished all the time? Emotional pain is associated with emotions like sadness, unexpressed anger, anxiety, and guilt.

When difficult things happen in our lives, it takes time to come to terms with the emotions associated with such situations. Emotional trauma can occur after a traumatic event or from living in a traumatic environment. This stressful event may have shattered your sense of security resulting in emotional pain

Some signs of emotional pain showing you that you may need Emotional Trauma Healing are: 

  • Anger and mood swings.

  • Confusion, loss of memory and difficulty in concentrating.

  • Feelings of guilt, shame, and disbelief.

  • Feeling sad and helpless.

  • Lack of social communication.

  • Withdrawing from others and leading a lonely life.

  • Insomnia and loss of physical energy.

  • Difficulty in showing love, trust and sympathy to others.

  • A constant state of anxiety and worry that interrupts daily functioning as well.

  • Reacting to your negative emotions more often than becoming responsive.

  • Feeling stuck in a vicious circle of mental pressure and agony.

  • Not letting go of dense emotions, rather trying to hold onto them.

  • Feelings of insecurity and poor self-esteem.

  • Overreaction to petty situations that triggers your emotional world.

  • Holding grudges and difficulty in forgiving others.

  • Relationship issues and toxic relationship patterns in your daily life.

  • Frequent emotional highs and lows.

The purpose of Emotional Trauma Healing is to do inner healing work which includes developing the awareness needed to understand your life's lessons ie. on coping and adjustment.

By working together you will:

  • Gain awareness of your emotional reactions.

  • Learn how to express your feelings in proper ways.

  • First think and then act upon a situation.

  • Be able to self-regulate when experiencing stress.

  • Learn how to take your disappointments with ease and flexibility, you no longer get upset easily.

  • Find purpose and meaning in life.

  • No longer feel the need to talk about your suffering, rather focus on developing new skills.

  • Connect well with others.

  • Enjoy moments of peace and happiness.

  • Sleep well.

  • Be able to focus on the good things in your life.

  • Notice your ailing physical body slowly recouping.

  • Embrace and remember your past happenings as a stepping stone for a future opportunity for growth and personal development.

  • Replace feeling lonely and depressed for the experience of joy and a positive attitude which makes you feel happy.


What you get:

• Two / Four 45-minute sessions per month.

• Email support between sessions.

• Handouts specific to your needs and goals.

To decide if Emotional Trauma Healing is right for you, I invite you to schedule an Initial Assessment with me. During this session, we will discuss your current state, your desired state, your reason for consultation, and how I can best support you in achieving your goals.


When was the last time you talked to someone about how you feel and fear? Are you called to do inner healing work? Do you want to feel heard and supported in your emotional trauma healing process?

Apply for an Initial Assessment with me today!

Program duration: 12 sessions

Language: English / Spanish

Modalities: Individual Sessions / Group Sessions

Sessions: In presence / Online / Over the phone

Note: if flower or mineral essences are needed, they are sold separately.

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