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Financial Trauma Healing

~ Heal Your Money Story.

As a Bachelor in Alternative Systems of Medicinesa Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, and a Ñusta in the Q'ero Andean tradition, I have created this healing program for you to heal your Money Story and remember how to claim what is yours by birthright.

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My Story

Having been born in a 3rd world country and raised during terrorism times taught me much about the "Lie of Separation" and the "Lie of Scarcity", and how these result from individual, ancestral, and collective trauma.

When I was in my twenties, I was scammed by my employers with a 6-month salary debt they never intended to pay. In my early thirties, I was hired by one of their clients, so they called and offered me to settle: they handed me a check for 1/5th of the total amount owed, along with a letter stating I had nothing else to claim, which I had to sign in order to receive it.

I decided not to sue them. Instead, I chose to do individual therapy, which was followed by several psychotherapy, NLP, and other studies, seeking to understand what had happened and how to never put myself in a victim's position again.


By focusing on my Money Story healing journey, I understood I had a money wound because I had experienced Financial Trauma from a very young age, which anchored me in a victim set point. Choosing to heal allowed me to connect back to regulated feelings of trust and safety –and sustain them, consistently.

This allowed me to have a clear mind when dealing with my finances while I climbed the corporate ladder rather exponentially, which included taking care of my clients' businesses in South America.

In my forties, during my Ñusta initiations and my work with patients, I started to understand that Individual Financial Trauma is in most cases an echo of underlying Ancestral and Collective Financial Trauma, which has to be integrated in order to thrive.

It took me several years of inner work to make peace with my financial past, and some more to learn how to live from a relaxed nervous system and allow financial abundance.


Part of understanding and healing my Money Story was to replace the "Lie of Separation" with my grounding in the "Truth of Interconnection" –we are all interdependent beings united by one consciousness, one unified field manifesting in several bodies– and the "Lie of Scarcity" with my grounding in the "Truth of Abundance" –in this unified field, everything is possible because it is all unlimited potential; so, in reality, there is enough for everybody.

As I walk towards my fifties, I can now tell you the only thing preventing us to live in abundance, is: ourselves ––our unintegrated past, our dysregulated nervous system, our limiting beliefs... us.


My Financial Trauma healing journey has became a pillar in my work with others when guiding and supporting them through healing their unique Money Stories.

In addition, my integrative education has provided me with an understanding of Financial Trauma –also known as Money Trauma or Financial PTSD– and its emotional, cognitive, relational, and physical symptoms triggered by significant financial stressors which can have a lasting impact on your mental, physical, and financial health. This includes different challenges you may have experienced when facing difficulty coping with either an abrupt financial loss or the chronic stress of having inadequate financial resources.


The more I worked with patients, the more I noticed that those who had experienced individual trauma had financial blockages. The more I guided them to uplift individual trauma, the more I noticed many had another layer beneath it: ancestral or collective trauma anchoring them in scarcity and lack of abundance.

This is why I have created Financial Trauma Healing, because I believe that by healing and integrating your Money Story, you too will be able to connect with your inner power and unlimited resources, so you can create an amazing life for your-Self as well as a positive impact in your environment.

In my private practice, I now address Financial Trauma in individual sessions, group sessions, and immersive retreats, hoping to support those seeking for relaxed money manifestation who are ready to claim their abundance birthright.

My approach

Your nervous system is like a thermostat that regulates itself to what it considers "familiar". It was set up during your childhood, according to your environment, to help you survive; so, if you are currently experiencing something different to what it registered as "familiar", it will naturally feel off, uncomfortable, and unsafe –even if your current story is much better.


This is why, unconsciously, your nervous system defines your behaviour until you are conscious enough to create revised safety signals according to what you now define as healthy and happy, for it to attune to that different, new Money Story.


How does your nervous system relate to money?


If your Money Story is one of scarcity or lack, because of trauma you may have experienced individually or inherited ancestrally or collectively, your nervous system may be dysregulated, and as a result you may be having difficulties to manifest money consistently and abundantly because your nervous system is predetermined to a scarcity or lack set point ––these seem familiar so you keep recreating that for your-Self.


The more you regulate your-Self to feeling safe and whole, and the longer you can stay there, the more you can create from that set point, including comfortable, positive feelings regarding your new Money Story.

This is why many believe the most regulated person in the room is always the most powerful person in the room –not necessarily the one who has more money.

Sometimes, you may be impulsive when it comes to money. Training yourself to pause in the midst of reactivity energetically opens us up to a creative thought, a new insight, a new way of behaving. You can do this by gaining awareness of your ancestral money patterns, to develop the ability to create spaciousness around your unproductive money habits and beliefs. Spaciousness helps you loosen your grip on old patterns so you can develop new money habits and beliefs that serve who you are now.

Being in denial, obsession, or resistance with any of your patterns, keeps them firmly in place. You can challenge your initiation into money and undo the conditioning of childhood money messages. If I could, you can too. 

This healing program is about bringing awareness, undoing, and healing the old programming you may have inherited or created for your-Self as a result from individual, ancestral, or collective trauma, so that you can uncover your own path towards financial wellness, generosity, and prosperity consciousness.

Because there tends to be an inherited pattern to your Money Story, unconsciously you may have been living the lives of your parents and grandparents despite your best efforts not to continue their conditioning.


Now, this healing program provides you with the tools to birth a new relationship to money that actually nourishes your spirit and allows you to live gracefully, mindfully, joyously, and abundantly.


Financial Abundance is your birthright. You are not meant to live in financial stress, you are meant to live in financial freedom and fuel your dreams because there is plenty.

Together we will journey through your Money Story while you learn about yourself and how you can bring about changes in your life that will result in increased abundance regarding money, health and wellbeing.

Claim your birthright, step back into abundance.

Financial Trauma can be caused by large-scale events, such as a global pandemic or economic recession, or smaller occurrences such as unemployment or healthcare costs. It can also be passed down by generations within family systems.

Possible causes of Financial Trauma include:

  • History of poverty.

  • Increasing debt.

  • Financial loss.

  • Financial discrimination.

  • Lack of resources.

Some signs of Financial Trauma include:

  • Financial dependency.

  • Compulsive spending.

  • Underspending.

  • Workaholism.

  • Financial avoidance.

  • Lack of financial boundaries.

  • Scarcity mindset.

  • Excessive risk aversion.

Some impacts of Financial Trauma include:

  • Family dysfunction.

  • Substance misuse.

  • Gambling.

  • Mental health conditions (low self esteem, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, depression).

  • Physical health conditions (long term stress can cause ie diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, among others).

  • Work impairment.

This healing program includes various strategies to cope with the effects of Financial Trauma and tips to remember how to overcome it. Doing so is often challenging, so be gentle with yourself during the program, as you figure out which methods work best for you.

What you get:

• Two / Four 45-minute online sessions per month,12 sessions in total.

• Email support between sessions.

• Handouts to support your process at home.

Who would you be if you knew your dreams were meant to come true, if you trusted that everything you need to make them come true will be at your disposal when needed, if you were certain your dreams are meant to turn you into a channel for good and abundance for those around you?

If this resonates with you, book your Financial Trauma Healing journey now to naturally restore the spaciousness for abundance to flow freely for you.


When was the last time you felt relaxed when addressing money issues?

Apply for an initial assessment with me today!

If we are already working together, go here to join my online Financial Healing Circle community!

Program duration: 12 sessions

Language: English or Spanish

Modalities: in person, online, immersive retreat.

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