Homeopathy Treatments

naturally restoring your life force

Luciana is a vitalist –her philosophical conceptions about health and wellbeing are based on her understanding of the existence of a vital principle or life force animating the human body, and at the same time a similar vital principle or life force embodied in every medicinal substance.

According to this understanding, she treats the human body as a result of subtle bodies where thoughts, emotions, and organs coexist in a shared life experience of the soul, vivified by the spirit within.

This vital principle or life force is active throughout the body and is the immediate cause of every functional activity of all bodily growth, it is the formative force of every living organism comprising the human body, which controls the molecular, chemical, and mechanical processes of the body, as an intermediate agent between the spirit and the body, enabling the spirit to dwell for some time in its material bodily vessel, which allows the soul to experience cognitively and sensorially itself and its surroundings. 

This is why when studying her career as a Bachelor in Alternative Medicines at the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines (India), she focused on comparative studies between Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda.

In her private practice, Homeopathy has proven to be a very resourceful medicine, which fits her philosophy in which it considers that to cure a disease, it is needed to regard the originating cause as causa morbi and endeavor to discover it, using the way of treatment which had shown itself useful in diseases having the same cause in those of a similar origin.

Homeopathy is a therapeutic method of symptom-similarity, dealing with the therapeutics of medicine or treatment of disease, limited to the use of certain pharmacologic preparations done according to well-defined principles laid by its founder, Samuel Hahnemann, around 1796, who believed in a law of drug action which he expressed in latin as Similia Similibus Curentur, "let likes be cured by likes" giving the first step towards modernism in medical thought and practice after which he founded the Science of Pharmacology.

Hahnemann believed the highest and only duty of a physician is to restore health to the sick, in the most speedy, most gentle, and most reliable manner. To do this, he or she must know the ailment of the patient, select the remedy, the dose, and its repetition according to each individual case, considering protocols of sanitation and hygiene. Constitution of the patient must be taken in account, including the mind, temperament, occupation, way of living, habits, social and domestic relations, age, sexual functions, etc, as symptoms are the outwardly reflection of the inner nature of the diseased state of suffering within the living force, which is the only condition to be recognised in order to be removed and have health restored, turning the sensorial condition of the body back into its normal state.

Luciana takes these and other guidelines in consideration during her homeopathic work with patients.

Homeopathy is gentle, but deep. An Initial Assessment with fill-out forms is required to start working with Luciana, after which follow-up sessions are established.

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