Personal Healing

your unique path to enlightenment

You are light sourcing itself from pure love consciousness, to be able to have a material experience for the expansion of your soul.

In this process, there where you need to expand, difficulty arises, as your experience of fear or void in love.

As a Medicine Woman, Luciana´s work is designed to walk with you in times of difficulty, to ease your path in a practical, understandable way.

Every soul is unique and so has a unique blueprint, from which unique needs and a unique healing pace is derived.

Aware of this, Luciana's Personal Healing program is an integrative program set up for a 6-month guidance and accompaniment per reason for consultation, offered in weekly sessions that integrate several disciplines she has been trained on (Alternative Medicines, i.e. Homoeopathy; Psychotherapy and Counseling; Neuro Linguistic Programming; and Integrative Nutrition Health Coaching) with Energy Healing techniques as complementary treatments (Reiki, Quantum Touch, Energetic Healing, Platonic Solids, and Bach Flowers), and Meditation, according to each unique person's needs. By working with her, Luciana will assess your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs related with what you are seeking, respectfully allowing your soul to lead the way. This is her most complete healing program to date.

In the same way you may need an accountant to keep track of your taxes and a lawyer to advise you on your legal rights and choices, walking with Luciana from a mind-body-spirit perspective can help you have a broader understanding of a difficult situation, remove the blockages hindering your growth, consciously heal sickness, and rely on your own capacity to heal what is needed in your experience of happiness, abundance, and joy, for you to successfully complete the mission of your soul.

If you are ready to start working with Luciana, she offers private online sessions according to your time zone, as well as in-person immersive weekends at her Healing Retreat Center in Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru.

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