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Scattered Daily Thoughts

Welcome to my blog –a place where I jot down several things after my consultations: things I research, musings, answers to client's questions, quick motivation ideas, and more.


I hope you find something useful for your journey.


Dreams come true

Long time no talk. Have you been opening up to Love, aligning with your desires, allowing your truth to manifest, recreating that which you are in everything around you?

That’s very much what I’ve been up to.

How did I get here? Self-love can be very powerful. Listening to your-Self, caring in ways that only you can care for your-Self, allowing and respecting your choices, honoring your inner voice, giving room for trying again and again in a different way, validating your every action as the best possible, and believing in your-Self are some things I chose to repeat every day.

And while I was at that…

💫 I got to show up for all of my patients in my daily private practice.

💫 I became a member of an amazing online Homoeopathic Clinic based in the US that gathers incredible worldwide professionals to kindly and wisely “kick the cabbage” out of each case presented.

💫 Resumed my Emergency Pedagogy training —can’t wait to go out in a mission.

💫 And… got my story accepted by a literary editorial company in the US, who have appointed me a matchmaker and a coach-editor, both of which believe in my story and lovingly inspire me (and hold me accountable for deadlines) to put it all out there.

Starting Monday, I’ve cleared my schedule to focus my mornings on writing, tend to my private patients in the afternoon, and review the clinic’s patients during the evening.

Which means I will be spending less time here with you, but know I keep you in my heart and prayers.

You came here to thrive, just like I did. It is a choice, one you can make right now. I can’t remember when, it was some months ago —so recently, actually— when I said to my-Self “I will only allow things that make me happy, even if that means walking past others’ suffering, as I am responsible for one person and one person only, and that is my-Self.”

Everyone has a choice and it is out of respect that I can now allow others to have the experience they choose to have, without judgement, without falling into the trap of wanting to “help”, without engaging when the frequency is not the same I’m holding for my-Self.

Give me a :) if you too will Love your-Self today!

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