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Welcome to my blog –a place where I jot down several things after my consultations: things I research, musings, answers to client's questions, quick motivation ideas, and more.


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It is ok to grieve

Adjusting to the fact that we’ll never again spend time with our loved ones when they die, can be painful ♥️

It takes time —and involves changes in the brain. But, if during a grief experience you have support from the people around you, so that you have the time you need to process and learn, you will, in fact, adapt.

Grief is one of the hallmark experiences of being human, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

🧠 One of the reasons this happens, is because our brains encode love and grief. With love, our neurons help us form attachments to others; but, with loss, our brain must come to terms with where our loved ones went, or how to imagine a future that encompasses their absence.

💕 When we have the experience of being in a relationship, the sense of who we are is bound up with that other person. So when the other person is gone, we suddenly have to learn a totally new set of rules to operate in the world.

🌬️ Grief is that emotional state that knocks you off balance and comes over you like a wave. It is a natural response to loss —so you will feel grief forever: if you have lost a family member and are about to get married, you will miss them in that special day.

✨ Grieving is what happens as we adapt to the fact that our loved one is gone, that we’re carrying the absence of them with us. It has a time component, it means that our relationship to that grief changes over time.

In time, you will be able to tell your-Self: “I hate this, I don’t want this to be true. But I recognize it, and I know that I will get through this wave.”

🌈 Today, I would like you to remember that grieving is ok, it is a natural process when we loose someone dear to our hearts. You can navigate loss with ease and grace, let pain show you the way.

I’m here for you 🙏🏻

~ L, xo.

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