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Release the fear... breathe

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Following my first post, I realized the difference between the perception many of my patients and students had of this pandemic, and the one I chose to ground –thus the vibration I offered– was this:

Every day, I allowed my body to release the fear I experienced, so my perception of my reality was mainly out of love, not fear.

A couple of days ago, I was talking with a good friend for our Inner Healers radio show, about how to release fear during this pandemic, and we both agreed breathing was key to this.

The more I talked with her, the more I realized we were tapping into some sort of #truth, universal to all living beings.

For those of you who maybe missed it, following is a transcript of my part in our conversation:

I think there are people in the world who have been trained through life experience and studies, and are here right now because they're meant to be here, they are beacons of light who have had all of these experiences to be able to hold and nurture the people going through fear at this specific time in life.

These people are meant to be a bridge, people who understand traditional medicine and clinical work, and also understand that there is something more holding reality for traditional medicine to be. I think these are the people who in a way are here to guide us through this process of change that we already see around us.

We can now see reality transform in front of our eyes, and because of this many people experience a lot of fear, uncertainty, feel like the future is not clear to them, and many people feel fear because they cannot control what is happening anymore –as if they were able ever before: they just had the idea, the illusion they were– and now they are being shown that every one of them is part of everything. We were never in control, we were only able to control how we reacted to situations, but we are also part of a collective, so we also have to experience collectively.

To focus on our topic for today, which has to do with how to release fear, the first thing that comes to my mind is the sense of being able to breathe; I believe breathing is the most amazing gift we have received; it is the way in which the gift of life expresses itself through our bodies.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, where people can't breathe due to a virus, which we can compare to something that just happened in the States –the unfortunate death of an artist– where the last words he muttered were "please, I can't breathe." It is like everything around us is telling us about this.

I believe this is very important for people to understand, because we can be an agent of change, by breathing.

Because breathing is what helps us ground here and be here, breathing can help us focus: instead of focusing on fear, focusing on the opportunity within.

In a way, the fear out there is being replicated by all the people who are focusing on that and giving that their energy; but if instead of doing that we give some steps back, enough to distance ourselves from what is happening, and step out of the experience of victimhood where we feel all this fear, and instead observe what is happening, focus on our breathing, then breathing can actually be the first, most important, and most easy way to release fear. This is beautiful.

I think it is very important for people to understand we have the key, we have the power to stop the fear, and the power is within.

[This is why it is so important now to reach out for people serving as a bridge] to cross through, from fear to hope, from fear to safety, from fear to love.

Our emotions are a compass to know when we are in the right path, in a path of light, in a path of love. Feelings and emotions can let us know when we are focused on what is best for us, and also when we are focused on something that might be challenging. You will always know, because it feels good. And you will always know, because it doesn't feel good. [This can] help us connect with the brighter side of life, the love and support we always have available for us.

[All of this] is happening in every level. It is not only happening inside of us, it is also happening outside of us. It is not happening to just one person, it is happening to all of us. All of us, in different degrees, are experiencing this process. We are all reflections of everybody, we are all going through this as One.

I hope people can understand what has just been said, because it is Truth. It is a very deep and important face of Truth, one we all need to tap into, to change what needs to change inside of us, so that outside of us things can change. The more we tap into this, the more we will be able to make conscious changes, that will positively affect everything that is around each of us, and that is how I think change is going to come forth. It is going to come forth through each of us, who can tap into what has just been said. When they can realize this in their personal lives, this will shine on.

This is why it is being so difficult for so many people, because it is time to change; no more delays are possible. It is time to change, now, not tomorrow, not the next day. It [change] is here and we have to go through it.

In a way, change is already happening, and we're being carried safely, with all of those we love, with all of those who are here, with all of those who already crossed, and with all the light beings that are already taking us through this and guiding us –it is beautiful to realize all these beings are with us in this process.

[There is something] that has been going on in the back of my mind for the past several days, and it is that all lives matter.

It is not that these live matter more than these other lives. All our lives matter, [equally]. And respect is basically what glues us all together, through tolerance, patience... having respect for the differences this other has, because we are all different from each other, there is no one person alike, we are all different.

And because we are all different, the more we experience our differences, the more we are able to respect the differences in that other, because that is what makes us One, that is what makes us whole. We are all aspects of Oneness, and that is the beauty of being alive. The more we respect our differences, the more we are able to experience as a huge family of human beings.

We are all the change that is happening. It is not that the change is outside of ourselves, we are the change.

Before we got connected, I was looking around me and telling myself, "wow, I really have everything I need right now" and then, I got corrected, the phrase turned around and I saw it change into "I need everything I have" and I realized that is more accurate. Everything I have is what I need, and I do, there is nothing lacking.

When we start realizing everything that we have is because we need it right now, even the things we react to, those things we say no to, even the things we reject, [we realize] everything we have is because we need it right now, and we also have this breath. The fact that right now we are breathing, shows us that we have everything we need right now, and when we realize this we can start feeling gratitude and appreciation. Gratitude and appreciation is what takes us from whatever rejecting place we were before, using our feelings and emotions as a compass, to a different place, a different state.

In my case, I kept on looking at my surroundings, things were just the same, nothing had changed, but in reality everything had changed, because my frequency changed as soon as I started feeling gratitude, because yes, I need everything that I have in my life right now.

The more we reject whatever we are rejecting right now, the more we remain stuck in fear, so when we start breathing, we start releasing what has us attached to this fear, and then we can move from a position of complaining, to [a position of] acknowledging what we have now.

When we think about being in isolation for so many days –so many people are complaining about being isolated, about what they are not able to do, about not having this or that, or not going to have...–we are focusing on and spending our energy in complaining, we are not focusing on and spending our energy in realizing what is it that we already have. We are so focused on what we don't have, that we spend that energy that we have, and that focus, and that time, and that breath that we have, we spend our breath in complaining, and that gets us stuck in fear. But if we allow ourselves to feel, to breathe, then we can release the fear.

There is one more thing we should talk about: the worth we have been giving our breath. Our breath has so much worth in it, and we haven't realized it yet.

Have you noticed how violence, abuse, discrimination, all have one thing in common? Fear. And, sometimes, this fear is embedded in our beliefs, in the way we perceive reality, in the way we behave.

I loved this message so I thought about sharing it with you here. Going forward, I plan to share more of these messages with you, in the hope that they will be useful for your path to conscious awakening.

I want to especially thank my friend Shelly for joining me in opening space for this Truth to manifest between us, for the good of all who were there with us, and who will listen to our talk later in time.

As she always says, "Ansaluia, my friends."

In love and respect for you as a unique being and for your sacred path,

~ Luciana xo.

Medicine Woman

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