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Welcome to my blog –a place where I jot down several things after my consultations: things I research, musings, answers to client's questions, quick motivation ideas, and more.


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Thank you, 2020.

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

This year has been a collective initiation, one that served us all as a whole.

An initiation is a rite of passage marking the entrance to the new, like a rebirth. It involves transformation through hardship from facing inner shadows with light, also know as enlightenment process.

As it comes to an end, I have so much to thank 2020 for...

* I did not get to choose which events came my way or brought me sorrow, but I got to stay in the present and face each to the best of my abilities. Thanks for the growth.

* I realised who was important in my life and who I thought was giving me stability but was actually making my journey more difficult than it needed to be. Now I know who my tribe really are and what I need in future relationships. Thanks for the clarity.

* I allowed my-Self to let go of everything that was not serving the truth in my heart. Though sometimes painful, I released without fear. Thank you for the strength.

* I listened to my inner child and realised my path can be much more joyful if I nurture and hold space for her to express. Thanks for the wisdom.

* I made health my upmost priority —i.e. I finally nailed a sleeping schedule, wake up 5:00 am, make time to exercise, and avoid carbs at night— as nobody can take care of me like I can. Thanks for the grounding.

* I remembered I’m never alone so there’s no need to fear: I’m always guided, taken care of, and tended for in a number of ways. Thanks for the love.

* I realised I don’t need to be so hard on my-Self as I am as much of a work in progress as all the people I walk with. Thanks for the humbling.

* I noticed I can spend in those things I absolutely love, if that is what brings me joy, I don’t need to lower my standards. Thanks for the fun.

* I realised I have a clear message to share and traits that are needed, and that I’m actually good at what I do. Thanks for the awareness.

May we never forget how this year brought out the best in each of us and reminded us what we are made of.

I hope 2021 brings more wisdom with it but teaches us in a kinder way.

Give me a 👊🏻 if this is you too, or tell me: what are you grateful to 2020 for?

Xx, Luciana 💕

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