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Trauma as a biological response to threat frozen in time

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Seriously, you did the right thing, it’s ok to trust, you gave a chance, you didn’t overreact, you tried.

Trauma can happen at any age, and you may not be consciously aware of it, even if it is causing you difficulties and grief daily in the shape of mental illness, weight issues, chronic illness, addiction, sexual abuse, lack of meaning, or relationship issues.

Have you suddenly felt sick, hurt, anxious, afraid, or uneasy? Sometimes, the cause is hidden in your subconscious, and sends these signals as triggers for you to address it.

Triggers are an invitation to reintegrate aspects of your soul frozen in time due to trauma, back into wholeness.

Part of this healing process has to do with understanding that it is valid to feel how you do and that you can give your unconditional attention to that part of you that is wounded.

If it hurt you, it hurt you, your emotions are valid, even if not everyone has the empathy to understand them, even if you have to accept you will never receive the remorse, the apology, or the accountability you need from that someone.

There is no hierarchy in trauma, every trauma experience is valid. And closure is always between you and you.

Healing from trauma is not about finding out what’s wrong with you, it’s about feeling what happened to you, because it’s not the uncomfortable feelings that hurt, it’s your resistance to feeling them.

Today, remember you didn’t ask for trauma, it happened as your body was trying to protect you from something that was too much, too fast, to soon, too dangerous, or too overwhelming for you to process.

What you went through matters, because you matter.

Give me a 💖 if this resonates with you.

~ Luciana xx

P.S.: if you are ready to feel and heal, you may want to take a look at my Soul Trauma Healing program ✨

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