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Trauma does not disappear when ignored, it shows up in your body instead

“My father died just before I was born, it was so hard for my mother to give birth to me without him...” —she said.

Our life begins in our mother’s womb, where we can perceive things around us even if we don’t understand what is happening.

This is why trauma can happen in the womb.

When we are children, without the mental development needed for processing and integrating, life is perceived through emotions.

So her body communicated what she couldn’t.

As a child, to “pour out” the effects of trauma, her body developed asthma, which tells me that instead of feeling safe and loved, welcomed and cherished, somewhere deep down, she felt fear of life.

With allopathic medicine, she suppressed asthma.

As a teen —which is when we understand we are neither our father nor our mother, and we want the world to know— her body found another way, she developed severe acne, which tells me she was not accepting her-Self, she disliked the person she was unraveling.

With allopathic medicine, she suppressed acne.

As an adult, her body, in its infinite wisdom, found ways through her respiratory system, which corresponds to the area of affection: her asthma returned, then she had bronchitis, and recently some doctors say she has developed cold allergy.

When we talked, I noticed the trauma, and how her body was supporting her process.

Thanks to the efforts of her body, I could read the following about the journey of her soul:

It told me how she had smothered love and her emotional needs, about a difficulty to breathe in life, feeling stifled, and suppressed crying. These were all ways in which her soul looked for safety. Her body was helping her soul through asthma.

It also told me about an inflamed family environment, arguments she was not mentioning, and her sometimes yelling, sometimes staying silent. These were all ways in which her soul attempted to declare peace and harmony within her and around her. Her body was supporting her soul through bronchitis.

In addition to treating symptoms, trauma can be healed. It is up to each soul to choose when, according to its own, perfect timing.

Give me a 💪🏻 if you are courageous enough to heal trauma.

~ Luciana, xo.

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