What are you hiding?

After the solar eclipse in Cancer last June, just one day after the Solstice, life as we knew it will never be the same.

It set us all out on new life paths that are aligned with our dreams.

For some, long-awaited career shifts and work opportunities have been manifesting... yep, now is when the real work begins!

For others... did your ex just popped back up? Yeah, I thought so. Think about what you need in a relationship.

That eclipse had to do with what you love in life, so it offered us a moment to reflect upon what should we invest in.

Eclipses bring shifts and changes. And these ones include Mercury Retrograde bringing home some friends: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto all went spinning backwards last month, bringing emotional growing pains with them.

Today’s lunar eclipse in Capricorn is all about bringing light to our shadows. Are you hiding anything from your-Self? Are you hiding your-Self?

👉🏻 Remember: you can hide from everything and everyone, but you can’t run or hide from your-Self. What are you not telling your-Self? What are you not telling others?

Where are you not being honest with your-Self?

✨ Do you need to take a step away from your work, to see what you might’ve ignored at home?

✨ Has your stubbornness been ignoring some red flags?

✨ What are your values when intimately sharing with others?

✨ Can you accept what needs to be released?

✨ Do you allow your-Self to enjoy all that you’ve earned?

✨ Do you let creativity add structure to your life?

✨ Can you see where your issues in your closest relationships impact your career and legacy?

✨ Are you clear on how your skills impact your self-expression?

✨ Do you express your values when sharing your resources and closing deals with others?

✨ Are you willing to see your-Self and what is it you desire from others?

✨ Do you prioritize self-care?

✨ Can you let go of unnecessary connections?

Being honest with others starts with being honest with your-Self.

Just like solar eclipses are all about new beginnings, lunar eclipses are all about closure and culmination, as they release secrets out in the open.

Which heart secrets are you ready to deal with today? ♥️

👉🏻 Remember: dealing with inner shadows is a personal, private process.

Don’t freak out. You can do this!

~ Luciana 🔥


© 2020 by Luciana Stiglich, Medicine Woman, All Rights Reserved.