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Welcome to my blog –a place where I jot down several things after my consultations: things I research, musings, answers to client's questions, quick motivation ideas, and more.


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You have a voice that deserves to be heard

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

Troubled by whether what you have to offer to the world is good enough in the eyes of those around you?

Fear of being ignored or rejected can make it hard to communicate freely, blocking your creative potential and your ability to shine your light onto the world.

Do you feel, deep down, that nobody really wants to listen to you?

Choosing to think like this may make you want to avoid expressing your heart, when the reason for doing it could be honoring your-Self, your truth, your voice, instead of getting someone else’s approval.

Your voice is unique, so it holds a unique perspective on any given situation, there lies its importance.

And yes, it will not resonate with everybody, because it is not meant to. It will resonate with those seeking for what you have to say.

So please, stop dimming your light; instead, turn it all the way up, it is time ✨

The great thing about living in a globalised world and having social media at your disposal, is having the chance to share your voice with those who need it, anywhere in the world. The impact of your voice can have countless ripple effects. This is an opportunity your ancestors didn’t have, imagine all the good your voice can do.

I’ve been where you are standing now. When I think about writing a book about how, after graduating as a Bachelor in Alternative Medicines, life turned around for me, and instead of going for a M.Sc. in Psychotherapy and Counselling and further M.D.(AM), I became an initiated Ñusta in the Andean Q’ero Tradition, I sometimes wonder what will people think of me after they read it, especially those having a clinician and Catholic background like mine. So I get you.

As a healer, I’ve also walked with people searching for ways to find their voice and express it, mainly those blocking their feminine expression of Self. So I know it is not always easy.

As I write these lines to you, I also make a commitment with my-Self: today, I will start writing my book, and instead of focusing on the fear and all the people who will not resonate with it, I will focus on the joy of telling my story and the love it holds for the world.

Shall we?

🌬 Luciana.

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