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Welcome to my blog –a place where I jot down several things after my consultations: things I research, musings, answers to client's questions, quick motivation ideas, and more.


I hope you find something useful for your journey.


You will break until you break no longer.

We are all here to experience and remember we are Love manifesting itself in a myriad of ways and shapes and situations carefully designed by our Spirit to awaken.

By consciously expressing the Love that we are, our path can be very rewarding.

The tricky thing is to stay centered in the Love that we are, amidst the chaos happening around us.

“All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts...” —said Shakespeare, and he was so right!

Imagine a difficult time you are going through right now: how are you contributing to that situation?

Imagine you can place that situation on a stage and sit as a spectator attending a play. What is your role? What are the other actors doing for you? How are you each contributing to each other’s experiences? What is the theme you all revolve around?

I believe each of us has chartered a role or roles we will personify during this lifetime. Each role includes a set of experiences we will need to go through, to develop the traits that will lead us to remember we are Love. These traits may be for example compassion, tolerance, etc.

So, for example, let’s take tolerance: if your role is poverty, you will have to remember how to tolerate poverty. If your role is wealth, then how to tolerate wealth.

And the more you offer resistance to that which you chartered, the more it will repeat itself, offering you the same opportunity endlessly (have you heard about the Samsara Wheel?), and the more you choose resistance, the more you will suffer. On the other hand, the more you allow, using the example, tolerance, and offer tolerant thoughts, the less you will suffer.

So you see, liberation from suffering is actually a choice.

Because pain is such a great teacher, great reminder, great compass that shows us where we need to turn the wheel, we will eventually end up surrendering, in this case to tolerance.

We will hurt until we transcend suffering, then we will hurt no longer. And there is so much growth in the process!

What are your thoughts about this? Yea (✔️) or nay (✖️)?

~ Luciana, xox.

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