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Welcome to my blog –a place where I jot down several things after my consultations: things I research, musings, answers to client's questions, quick motivation ideas, and more.


I hope you find something useful for your journey.


Your dirty little secret

“The life you knew will fall apart to reveal the essential...” —said the mountain.

I just found some random scribblings in an old Moleskine, from before I knew anything about what my destiny had in store for me. Maybe it’s time I share a story with you...

The evening of that birthday, a friend told me it would be a good omen to start my year by visiting a mountain close to where he lived, it had been special for the Incas, I should offer coca leaves before going up, which he gave me as a birthday gift for the offering.

I thought it would be a very different way of celebrating my birthday, but I already had the leaves, so why not?

As I started climbing the mountain, I heard several voices talking at the same time, they sounded happy, “we have been waiting for you” someone said.

I knew these other voices talking inside me were not my Guide. What was happening?

As I went up, a very clear message came through, it was filled with news of what was about to happen and images to explain it all.

Had I not sensed the joy and care in their voices, I would have freaked out. The news were rather upsetting, but I felt held and loved.

I was a little confused though, who had been talking and what was all that about?

I left the mountain and went to look for another friend who knows a lot about Cusco and its stories. I felt a little uncomfortable telling him what had just happened, I was afraid he would judge me.

“The mountain has spoken to you” —he explained.

“What do you mean? Mountains don’t speak” —I thought he was mocking me... but truth is he was happy for me.

I believe it is time I sit and write the whole story for you. But it will be too long for my blog. Maybe I should start a book?

What I wanted to tell you today is the story beneath this story: sometimes, your deeper, darkest secret... the scary one 👻... is not as dreadful as you think. Sometimes, there lies your gift.

My dirty little secret is that I’ve been a clear conduit for Spirit since I can remember. That’s how I became a Ñusta. What about yours?

Give me a 🤍 if today you will be brave enough to share your deepest, scariest secret with the world.

We all need you (the real you).

~ Luciana xx

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