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Your experience of trauma holds an opportunity for transcendence

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

As a human being, your mission is to remember how to experience joy along with everything that has been created in Nature.

To this end, you need to leave your mask aside and learn from your pain.

Trauma is not a bad thing that happened to you. It is what happens inside as a result of what happened outside of you.

When you experience trauma, you get disconnected from your-Self to avoid feeling pain, so you find hard to experience joy:

🧩 you don’t remember how to feel your emotions

🧩 you withdraw when there is conflict in your relationships

🧩 you don’t follow your gut feelings, creating risk situations for your-Self

The experience of childhood trauma can still have your inner child in a hyper vigilant state: at brain level, the functions of mid frontal cortex are limited by trauma, affecting how you react, bond, regulate your-Self, handle stress, interact, experience empathy, insight, and compassion.

Symptoms of trauma include:

📌 nightmares

📌 insomnia

📌 depression

📌 shame

📌 addictive behavior

📌 inability to love

Suppressing emotions present in trauma like anger, sadness, shame, etc, affect the physiology of your body.

Most of your chronic illnesses are your body’s ways of saying “no” when you are suppressing your “no” to fit in.

What you call “dis-ease” is the normal response to abnormal circumstances. You can perceive it as something to get rid of, or you can ask yourself what is it teaching you while you do the best to heal:

✨ what does it say about your lifestyle?

✨ what does it say about your relationships?

✨ what does it say about the way you treat your-Self?

👉🏻 You-can-heal —don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

Healing trauma is not about erasing the traumatic memories, it is about offering your-Self the opportunity to expand while holding space for your emotions to emerge and allowing them as valid.

Leave me a ❤️ if you will treat your-Self with compassion today.

Xoxo, ~ L.

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