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Relational Cord Healing

healing your relationships from the core

Communication between people happens through harmonic resonance and through energetic flows, which in time can turn into linking cords with those you get closest to.


There are three ways in which you communicate with those around you through the human energy field or aura:​

1. Harmonic induction: your human energy field will harmonically induce its resonant frequency to another's human energy field.

2. Streamers of bioplasma: these flow through the air, with which you exchange energy with others.

3. Relational cords: communication and energy consciousness exchange happens through your relational cords, this means emotional and mental energy flow through cords that are connected between people in a relationship, transmitting directly into and through your seals of perception, which happens no matter what the physical distance between two people is, or if they are or not alive or present in physical form.

There are five types of cords:

1. Soul Cords: which your soul carries from the original Source connection within your spiritual world.

2. Past-life Cords: from experiences on Earth and elsewhere.

3. Genetic Cords: which your soul gained by connecting to your birth parents.

4. Original Relational Cords: that grow within the primary caregivers, usually your parents, adoptive parents, or grandparents if they assumed the role of your parents.

5. Relational Cords: these grow through relating with others, humans, pets, special objects which you may have a special connection to, which you continue to create as you include people in your relationships. These tend to be copies of the cords with your parents and include your siblings, other members of your nuclear family, close friends, pets, etc.

As a child, your cord connection to your parents and primary caregivers became the prototype for all other cord connections in future relationships. The relationships you create with women will be similar to those you created with your mother; the relationships you create with men will be similar to those you create with your father.

Healthy relational cords from the first chakra connect deep into Earth's core, and cords from the seventh chakra connect up into the higher spiritual worlds. Relational cords connections are made between the remaining five chakras. Healthy relational cords attach two people and like chakras, so energy consciousness can be transmitted between like chakras of two people in a healthy relationship.

Relationship cords take on the character of the relationship: if it is soft and soothing, they will be that way; if it is harsh and difficult, they will be jagged and stiff, and transmit harsh energy consciousness. The information transmitted through them can be seen as instinctual, not mental in nature, like an innate sense of knowing. This is how you are taught, for example. Genetic and relational cords last forever, beyond death.

Unhealthy connections may have different types of distortions:

  • They can be torn out, entangled with other cords, and/or floating.

  • Deeply imbedded and entangled in oneself.

  • Shredded

  • Connected to the wrong chakra

  • Weak, stiff, heavy, polluted, sucking, demanding, controlling, dragging, etc.

  • Not connecting properly but wrapped around, imbedded, and entangled in someone else.


In Emotional Healing, we work with Relational Cords. In Ancestral Trauma Healing, we work with Genetic Cords.

Relational Cords last forever, this is why once you are in a relationship you will always be in that relationship, and also why it is so important to heal unhealthy Relational Cords, for until they are healed, the person creating them will continue to create more unhealthy cords.

No matter how difficult a relationship has been, and therefore its cords, cord connections are never to be cut, but to be healed, because every relationship, no matter how painful, provides essential life lessons about the self to those participating of it. If a cord has been cut, it needs to be restored and healed. Relational Cords are to last forever, as they start before birth and continue after death.

Cord healing takes three people: the healer, the healee, and the cooperation of the other person in relationship with the healee. Even though this third person does not need to be present in physical form, you will need their spiritual permission, at soul level, he or she must agree to the healing. This can also be performed in distance healing modality.

Relational Cord Healing is part of the work done in my Energy Healing program, and now, due to the results of the pandemic in relationships, it has also been released as a 4-session treatment you can take independently, even if you haven't yet joined the program.


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