you are meant for so much more!

Everything you are and everything you see around you is comprised of, basically, energy: the energy of Unconditional Love.

If you could feel what the void in between atoms is made of, you would understand this.

As a Medicine Woman, Luciana offers you the opportunity to experience the Love that you are, from a unique, personal standpoint.

Whichever your quest is in this very moment, be it physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, working with Luciana will allow you to understand what is happening behind the symptoms you refer, so the choices you make honor your spiritual path, while allowing your bodies to realign back into health and wellbeing, plus developing a sense of awareness that will connect you back with life around you, through the Love that you are.

According to Luciana, you have a Consciousness System that allows the flow of your creative process. When this flow is blocked, which means the places where the flow of energy stops due to wounding and trauma that happened in childhood, in the womb, or in past lives, you are unable to create what you need to accomplish your mission, and end up stuck in a vicious cycle of repetitive unhealthy patterns that can eventually manifest as sickness in the mind and in the body.

To assist you in releasing these blockages, so your creative energy, which is also your regenerative energy, can flow again freely, Luciana offers several mind-body-spirit services designed with love to walk by your side in your unique healing journey.

Spiritual Healing Services

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