a reading circle focused on your spiritual advancement

Shambala is a mythical kingdom. Its Sanskrit name is taken from the name of a city mentioned in the Hindu Puranas, probably in reference to Sambhal in Uttar Pradesh. The mythological relevance of the place originates with a prophecy in Vishnu Purana, according to which Shambala will be the birthplace of Kalki, the final incarnation of Vishnu, who will usher in a new age, Satya Yuga, and the prophecized ruling Kingdom of Maitreya, the future Buddha.

Luciana believes the most important path is the one going within, as we are all worthy of becoming enlightened, if that is what one is searching for. 

Because Luciana's mission for this lifetime is based on her insight into duhkha or suffering, and the end of suffering, she walks hand in hand with her healees and students in several, deep ways. Sharing and discussing books being one of these.

Along her path, many times those consulting her have asked her for books that would help them understand her teachings and broaden their perspective about different concerns. Other times, they have brought to her attention fragments of books and asked her opinion about them during consultations. And sometimes, she has suggested them referring to specific books to have a better understanding of their processes.

Based on this, Luciana has created the Shambala Circles, one in English and one in Spanish, for her healees and students to gather on a weekly basis and discuss together one book every month. At the beginning of the month, you will be told how many pages you need to read prior to each weekly group session. You can read more if you feel like so, but your discretion about every extra piece of information will be appreciated in each session, as respect for each other's path is essential to keep the sacredness of the group. Books are chosen based on the needs of the group as this helps determine the collective level of spiritual development and where are you headed to as a spiritual community.

Registration can be done during the first 4 days of each month, so you can have enough time to set up what is needed for each discussion. Duration is 1 hour per gathering. Minimum is 6 participants per circle.

Following the details for your monthly registration: