Soul Trauma Healing

integrating the pieces of your soul

Trauma happens when your nervous system becomes overwhelmed and your primal coping strategies, your fight or flight response, fails. Instead, you freeze and disconnect or dissociate in a way that the unprocessed fear gets locked in your body and you get sick: stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, even shame-based PTSD and avoidance behaviours such as addictions are some of the ways in which your body tries to cope with this excess of fear, where you don't have access to your inner messages of compassion, empathy, or the kindness offered by others.

Your soul is your consciousness and resides in your brain, where it stores your memories and experiences, along with hope and faith. Over the course of life's challenges, your soul can end up frozen in time due to traumatic events, meaning you can't take those memories back home with you.

In some cultures, it is believed that when a person is traumatised, their "ajayu" or soul leaves the body as a way to protect itself from intolerable pain. Even though it doesn't really leave you, a part of it can stay frozen in the instant in time trauma happened.

Soul loss or the freezing of soul parts shares similarities with what contemporary psychology calls "dissociation", the splitting of the psyche in response to traumatic, shocking, or difficult experiences; but it doesn't handle what part of us dissociates or where does it go. Soul Trauma Healing understands the whole process and knows these pieces of the soul are hiding in the non-physical reality Luciana has access to, waiting for you to facilitate their integration back to wholeness. Unresolved trauma is often the cause of many core wounds that affect your responses later in adulthood. One of Luciana's missions is to journey with those seeking healing, integration, and karmic resolution, due to the experience of trauma, as the broken parts of your soul can't come back on their own.

Core wounds are your deepest-seeded pains in life. As these began to deepen throughout your childhood, pubescent years, and subsequent adulthood, you began to put up barriers of protection to keep other people from hurting you. Although in many cases this protected you, in the end it served to trap you inside, limiting your ability to experience true freedom and authenticity in your day-to-day life and in your relationships. These cause fatigue, as they prevent you from accessing your stored energy and potential within.

Some of the ways in which trauma happens:

  • Any form of abuse, ie sexual, emotional, physical, or mental.

  • An event of prolonged grief, pain, and fear, that made you feel helpless or impotent.

  • Deep-seated addictions, ie substance dependency.

  • A near-death or out-of-body experience.

  • Being forced to act against your morals.

  • An experience of intense rejection or abandonment.

  • Witnessing the unexpected death of someone.

  • A sudden and shocking accident.

  • Entering a relationship without strong boundaries of Self (resulting in an unhealthy relationship and loosing your personal power). 

Soul loss, soul freezing, or dissociation in the face of trauma is a device used by the brain to survive the potentially destructive event, it happens to protect you rather than hurt you, as part of an adaptation process. However, a wound must be healed, otherwise it festers. When you neglect to heal and integrate these frozen parts of yourself, you are left with a chronic feeling of unwholeness. Eventually, you may suffer from chronic issues such as anxiety, depression, and mental or physical illnesses; these are all ways in which you cope with your life through an unwhole soul.

Even though you are not conscious of this, you are constantly trying to retrieve your soul, to integrate the broken pieces that have been left behind. You do this on your own, unconsciously, by repeating the same patterns, over and over again, even when the names of those involved, the situations and the places where this occurs may change over time.

Once the pieces of your soul have been retrieved, healed, and integrated, it might be the end of the search, or it might be the beginning, as it is up to you to choose which degree of health, wellbeing, and abundance you would like to experience, according to your unique blueprint and understanding of these.

If you are reading this, be assured there is no coincidence but actual perfect sync -–this is why we incarnate, as trauma generated here can only be healed here; wholeness is your birthright, because you have an important mission in human and planetary history.

With Soul Trauma Healing, Luciana has created for you a space of love and safety where you can put together the pieces of your soul, guiding you while you remember who you really are, and from that wholesome state how to enjoy a happy, healthy, abundant life.

This program can be done on 3 online sessions or as a 3-day retreat at Luciana’s Healing Retreat Center in Sacred Valley. Book your Soul Trauma Healing journey now: