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Spirit Talks

spiritual wisdom straight from Spirit!

When Luciana was studying Translation (Spanish-English), focusing on Commercial Translation, Economic-Finance Translation, and Legal Translation, it never occurred to her that the translating skills she was developing were going to be used later to translate spiritual wisdom straight from Spirit.

An open channel since childhood, Luciana conveys messages from Spirit in a very practical, down-to-earth way, having had to face struggles of her own to develop the necessary empathy and understanding to convey the messages as clear and reasonable as possible.

"Listening to Spirit will remind you life is not what happens to you, but what you make out of every situation to the best of your abilities" –explains Luciana.

In working with her you will obtain a different, wholesome perspective of the difficulty you are facing, so you can release the emotions blocking the expression of your creative Self, into practical love-based solutions.

Luciana's upbringing in spiritual wisdom has been dutifully ​performed by her spiritual guide and loved ones, in this and previous lifetimes, and thanks to her life experiences which is how she developed the skills to work as a clear conduit to Spirit, to guide you through life's challenges observing each variable from a soul perspective.

If you are seeking for spiritual guidance, Luciana offers 30 minute readings where you can receive clarity and purpose during challenging times.

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