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Whenever trauma happens, a part of your soul freezes in time in order to survive the experience

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

“My soul greets him as a stranger every morning, I feel suffocated, I can’t let go of the pain he’s caused me, but at least I’m not alone” —she said, as we started her Soul Trauma Healing journey.

I asked her how did this made her feel, it seemed like her first time speaking up this truth in her heart.

- Sad. Defeated. There is no way out.

During her journey within, we traveled to another time, and found a little girl who had just undergone a traumatic experience, and did not know how to make herself feel better, so she was trying by all means to ignore how she was feeling, to be able to carry on with what came next.

After we healed and integrated her frozen soul pieces, she came back slowly, and gazed at me in astonishment with her deep brown eyes. She was a brave one. I held her until she was ready to ask questions about the experience.

What she saw back there was the reason why she had never stopped to pay attention to her emotional needs, why she was choosing to feel unappreciated, unloved, unhappy, why she was making up excuses to keep the status quo, and also why she was terrified of being alone.

Sometimes, pain is so deep, trauma is so well hidden, that there is no inspirational dialogue, attentive support, or words of encouragement that can drag someone away from hurtful choices.

But then, one day, the pain becomes unbearable, the person has had enough, the soul is ready, and change is unavoidable. This is when the experience has fulfilled its mission and the soul is ready to integrate and move on.

Just like with dragonflies, so beautiful to see, who first have to undergo a long metamorphosis.

You may be waiting for the right time, the right circumstances, the right amount of money... truth is, when the soul is ready, you’ll just jump, because deep down, you know you are able to fly.

This is such an important time. We are all being called forth to share our traits, the gifts we carry for the world. The time has come for us to heal and embrace who we came here to be.

If this rings a bell within: you are the one we have been waiting for ✨✨✨

Give me a 🙋 if you are ready for the adventure of your life.

~ Luciana.

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