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Scattered Daily Thoughts

Welcome to my blog –a place where I jot down several things after my consultations: things I research, musings, answers to client's questions, quick motivation ideas, and more.


I hope you find something useful for your journey.


And one day, it hits you: enough is enough.

Enough of not being heard ~

You realize no matter how important what you are saying is for you, he or she can’t hear you.

It’s never about you, not even if what you’re trying to explain is how painful something is for you. While you are talking, they are rehearsing their thoughts and how they will share them to feel heard and understood.

In order to really listen to you, to understand what you are going through, they would need to be empathetic, but they cant, they are emotionally myopic.

This makes you feel lonely. Truth is, you’re better off alone.

Enough of being always wrong ~

He or she is perfect, so they were told when growing up, so say their friends, why can’t you see that? Why are you so critic? What is wrong with you?

You can’t tell them when you believe they are doing something wrong, anything that resembles criticism is taken as if you were dropping a nuclear bomb on them, they will backfire and you will end up feeling guilty for speaking up your truth and standing up for your-Self.

Truth is, you have a voice, and you deserve to feel heard, cherished, and safe.

Enough of bending your limits ~

You realize your boundaries are worthy and need to be respected because they keep you healthy. Even if he or she believes your boundaries shouldn’t count for them because they are special, and you should be adapting to their times, wants, and needs.

Truth is, every healthy relationship has boundaries, that is what makes it a safe place.

Enough of feeling guilty ~

You realize you can’t be wrong all the time, and you start noticing the positive intention you’ve had so many times when you tried to compromise and help —yes, he or she may even turn your attempts to help against you.

Because they are never wrong, there is nothing to own on their end, so they can’t feel responsible.

Truth is, when someone doesn’t own their actions, they can’t grow, and staying stunted brings conflict to any relationship.

You are not alone. Are you questioning your intentions, your self-worth... are you the narcissist? No, it is not you.

Give me a 🫂 if today you will remember to believe in and take care of your-Self.

Xx ~ Luciana.

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