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Healing transgenerational trauma

“I intuitively know something is off, but what if I’m wrong? I don’t want to be alone...” —she said, as she started her Ancestral Healing journey.

Her mother had taught her to be strong, in case nobody was there for her when things got difficult. A single mom, her mother believed that loving her meant passing on her strength so she could protect herself when life got tough. Being strong —she taught her— meant never complaining, never asking for more, never expressing any discomfort or need.

This message was in conflict with my healee’s emotions and intuition. But because her mother’s message was so strong, she kept ignoring warning signs instead of following what deep down she knew was best for her.

Through our work, she started noticing that ignoring and denying her emotional needs, helped her survive her childhood.

But doing it now meant she was re-enacting the emotional neglect she experienced while growing up.

For children experiencing dysfunction, ignoring, denying, turning to fantasy, and video games, are coping strategies that allow them to keep going.

But what works as a protective mechanism in childhood can become an obstacle for intimacy in adulthood.

Your emotions are your compass for this lifetime. Your intuition is a candle that offers you light when you experience confusion.

The fear of being alone can be very deep if you have grown up feeling criticized, rejected, or abandoned by your primary caretakers. Growing up like you don’t fit in with your family can be the reason why you give in to situations you don’t feel comfortable with, just to be accepted.

Ignoring warning signs may have got you through when growing up, but now you can learn new, healthier ways to cope with situations.

Give me a 💗 if you’re willing to explore your needs, put them first, and set healthy boundaries!

~ Luciana, xo.

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