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Your time is now

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

You are the one you've been waiting for –and we all need you ❤️.

This came through two days ago, after a phone conversation with my "little brother in arms".

I realized I was not communicating enough and it was critical that I do so now.

Everything we see happening around us is a result of what lies within us.

👉🏻 The pettiness? Where in your life are you being petty?

👉🏻 The anger? Where are you being angry?

👉🏻 The hatred? Where are you hating?

👉🏻 The violence? Where are you being violent, with others and with your-Self?

When two or more people get together holding certain beliefs, they create a shared reality.

This is how we attract others who we have a soul contract with (and why we do so).

You are not alone. You are a link in a chain of causation, comprised of many people: your ancestral lineage, your soul cluster, your family.

When you chose to come here, with your specific traits, your unique gifts for the world, and your amazing ideas, you also chose who you were coming with.

You and your ancestors came together, as a team, in different moments within a spacetime continuum, according to a well-designed plan that included joint projects with a common goal to uplift Earth.

As a soul cluster or team, your projects consider achieving uplifting results in multidimensional ways:

* Individually

* Transgenerationally

* Collectively

When your ancestors passed, after doing their best to nail down your common cause, they left the torch to you.

And so you inherited gifts, resulting from the lessons they obtained from having a life experience.

And you also inherited shadows, resulting from the challenges your ancestors couldn't bring light to.

So you see?

Now is your time to share your gifts and work on your challenges, which are in both cases connected to the gifts and challenges experienced by those of your lineage.

The fact that they have passed, doesn't mean that they have left you. It means that it is your turn, while they are supporting you from where they are now.

You came here because you can make a difference.

It is your time to shine.

And it is my time to support you in every way I can –that is why I've spent 15+ years training on so many healing modalities, learning about different spiritual beliefs, and independently researching about trauma.

It is all happening for you, as a result of what you believe in, so you can figure out how to shine bright ✨.

Please wake up and tell me you are ready, because the time is now.

I am here for you 🙋🏼‍♀️.

~ L, xx.

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